SAP makes minor releases to SAP Business One periodically while in a current major release in order to resolve issues or provide new enhancements.  There are a number of enhancements in the patch level releases for SAP Business One 9.2.  Enhanced sales functionality, a chat feature, Concur integration and more are a few of the new features, and we’ll cover them here.

If you are current on SAP maintenance for your SAP Business One, you are eligible to take advantage of major and minor releases of the software.  Especially if you are already on SAP Business One 9.2, the patches are relatively easy to take. 

If you are on an earlier version than 9.2, talk to your SAP partner about upgrading.  Even if everything is working fine for you now, it helps to be prepared in the event something goes wrong.  With older versions of SAP, if there is a software problem, SAP will tell us to upgrade you because they do not issue fixes to older versions of the software.  It is a good idea to do upgrades on a regular basis because we are finding it much more difficult and time consuming to perform upgrades over several major releases.  It is much easier and less risky to upgrade if you are only 1 or 2 versions behind the current release.

Make the most of your SAP maintenance, and take advantage of new feature while you keep your software current.
SAP Business One 9.2, Patch Level 4 Enhancements
Recommendations Tab to a Sales Order:
Available in SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA PL04 is a new tab available from any Sales Order or Quotation screen, it’s called Sales Recommendation.  Now, you can drive sales growth by expanding the customer footprint through insights provided on the recommendation tab.
Recommendations for This Customer area:  Suggestions of products are provided, which are generated from the buying history of the given customer.  If they’ve bought specific items before, you’ll see them listed here.
Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought area:  Here, you’ll see recommendations of products based on the current item in the sales order or quote.  It examines the purchase history of similar customers and provides suggested items.
Easily add items from either the recommendation or also bought areas to the quote or order by pressing the “Add” button.

Customer 360 Degree View
Available in SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA PL04 within the Pervasive Analytics is a dashboard with a series of key facts and figures for sales, logistics and receivables by customer. 
For a given customer the snapshot shows address and contact person details.  Within sales you can see total sales, gross profit, number of open sales quotes and orders and the top 5 best selling items to the customer.
Access it through Business Partner Master Data > You Can Also button.

Watch the YouTube Video of SAP Business One 9.2 Patch Level 04 Highlights