July 2018

If you have customers with multiple locations or divisions, SAP Business One makes it easy to consolidate business partners so you can streamline billings, shipments and payments.

SAP Business One offers a feature which allows users to consolidate customer and vendor information in a way that makes it easy to:

-  Send invoices to multiple branches yet receive payment from one main office for those different branches

-  Invoice the head office but send goods to multiple branches

Scenario 1: Payment Consolidation

Let’s take a look at an example of scenario 1. Maxi-Teq is a customer who should receive invoices at each of the individual branches. However, they are owned by Mashina Corporation. Mashina sends a check covering all of the individual branches’ invoices. To set up a Consolidating Business Partner for Maxi-Teq, we would follow the steps below:
    Navigate to Business Partners/Business Partner Master Data and search for the child company (Maxi-Teq).
    Click on the “Accounting” tab and enter Mashina Corporation in the “Consolidating BP” field.
    Click “Payment Consolidation”.

If we add an A/R Invoice for Maxi-Teq, SAP B1 is designed to generate an invoice that will print Maxi-Teq’s billing address.
Therefore, each branch will receive its own individual invoices.

Once the check is received from the parent company, Mashina Corporation, the user will create an Incoming Payment document in SAP by navigating to Banking/Incoming Payments/Incoming Payments.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the Maxi-Teq invoice is listed here so the payment from Mashina Corporation can be applied to that account.


Scenario 2: Delivery Consolidation
We’ll now take a look at scenario 2 – delivery consolidation in SAP Business One. Parameter Technology’s deliveries need to be sent on an invoice to its parent company, Earthshaker Corporation.

To set up a consolidating business partner for Parameter Technology, we would follow the steps below:
    Navigate to Business Partners/Business Partner Master Data and search for the child company (Parameter Technology).
    Click on the “Accounting” tab and enter Earthshaker Corporation in the “Consolidating BP” field.
    Click “Delivery Consolidation”

As we make multiple deliveries in SAP to Parameter Technology, those will all need to be invoiced to Earthshaker Corporation for payment.

When Accounting is ready to invoice for the deliveries, the user will navigate to Sales-A/R/A/R Invoice. When Earthshaker Corporation is entered as the customer on the invoice, a click of the “Copy From” (Deliveries) button, will display Parameter Technology and Earthshaker deliveries to pull onto the invoice.

Invoice generation through Document Generation Wizard will yield the same results.

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