ManageClean is integrated with TSheets since many commercial cleaning companies are using TSheets for time recordkeeping and workspace management.  This section would only apply to customers who are using TSheets integrated with ManageClean.

When using the TSheets integration, key information created or updated in ManageClean is automatically synchronized with TSheets to ensure the TSheets transactions are accurate.  Information such as:

·         Customers / locations

·         Items

·         Vendors

·         Employees

This ensures the data in ManageClean matches the data in TSheets.

During the period of a commercial cleaning contract, there may be workspace changes such as a building tenant moving in or moving out which increases or decreases the square footage of area cleaned and the amount to be billed.  There may also be special services that are performed during the contract period, such as carpet cleaning, that aren’t covered within the contract and need to be captured and invoiced.  When these changes are recorded in TSheets, it is possible to synchronize data and import records to ManageClean rather than hand-entering this data.

The ManageClean integration to TSheets also provides for messages or requests to be transmitted.  For example, if a user in TSheets want to note a customer question or request for specific cleaning supplies.

ManageClean has a process to capture change records or requests in TSheets so that:

  • Cleanable area changes that impact a customer’s contract are reported
  • Any special service performed is reported
  • All changes/special services are brought into ManageClean to be reviewed before being invoiced
  • Messages or requests entered in TSheets can be delivered to ManageClean

This Video Covers How To:

  • Enter a Customer Change or Request Activity in TSheets
  • Understand the Import TSheet Changes Menu Option in ManageClean
  • View Imported TSheet Change(s) as Sales Orders in ManageClean
  • View Imported Activities in ManageClean

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a cloud-based business management software for small/midsize commercial cleaning, janitorial services and building service companies.  ManageClean bundles the functionality of SAP Business One along with specialized features built specifically for cleaning service companies. 

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