During the period of a commercial cleaning contract, there may be changes such as a building tenant moving in or moving out which increases or decreases the square footage of area cleaned and the amount to be billed.  There may also be special services that are performed during the contract period, such as carpet cleaning, that aren’t covered within the contract and need to be captured and invoiced. 

ManageClean has a process to manage these changes and special services so that:

  • The change or special service is documented through a sales order
  • The customer can be invoiced for the correct amount of services performed, whether on a square footage or fixed cost basis
  • Any third-party vendor/subcontract is paid the correct amount
  • The recurring template for the contract is modified for future transactions, if appropriate

This Video Covers How To:

  • Enter Changes Through Sales Order
  • Adjust the Recurring Template for Future Transactions
  • Enter a Special Service Activity Through Sales Order
  • Using the ManageClean Change Manager to View and Approve Changes

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a cloud-based business management software for small/midsize commercial cleaning, janitorial services and building service companies.  ManageClean bundles the functionality of SAP Business One along with specialized features built specifically for cleaning service companies. 

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