Through the standard functionality of SAP Business One, ManageClean allows you to create and maintain information on all business customers and suppliers/vendors.  In SAP, this is known as Business Partner Master Data functionality.  This allows you to have a record for each customer you sell products/services; and vendor you purchase products and services covering important details such as contact persons, addresses, payment terms, payment run, accounting, properties and remarks.

 Note:  One important rule applies to all master data. If a master data record is involved in an accounting or inventory transaction (such as an A/P invoice, A/R Invoice, Journal Entry and so on), it cannot be deleted. In addition, once a sales order is created, the business partner or the item linked to it cannot be removed.


This Video Covers How To:

  • Understand a Business Partner Project Code
  • Enter data on the General Information Tab
  • Enter data on the Contact Persons Tab
  • Manage Ship-To and Bill-To Addresses
  • Use the ManageClean Tab and managing Third Party Subcontractor Relationships
  • View Payment Terms, Payment Run and Accounting Tabs
  • Understand Properties and How They Impact Recurring Invoices, Change Invoices and Charge Back Invoices
  • Define Customer Specific Items (optional)
  • Learn the Differences Between Setting Up Customer and Vendor Records
  • Understand ManageClean Tab options for Vendors

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a cloud-based business management software for small/midsize commercial cleaning, janitorial services and building service companies.  ManageClean bundles the functionality of SAP Business One along with specialized features built specifically for cleaning service companies. 

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