SAP Business One 9.0 includes new functionality providing warehouse bin locations for inventory items. 

Now you can allocate inventory to bin location codes across 4 sublevels: by zone, by area, by row and by bin.  This is perfect for distributors or manufacturers that apply inventory management and inventory picking to maximize warehouse operations for both incoming and outgoing items. 

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SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to manage bin locations for your warehouses. You can enable the bin location function for individual warehouses.

Bin Location Related Documents

After you enable the bin location function for intended warehouses, you need to record bin locations in those warehouses for all receipts and issues of inventory, including the processing of the following documents or transactions:

  • Goods receipt PO, goods return, A/P invoice, A/P credit memo,  A/P correction invoice & reversal , delivery, return, A/R invoice, A/R invoice + payment, A/R credit memo, A/R correction invoice , A/R correction invoice reversal
  • Goods receipt, goods issue, inventory transfer, inventory taking
  • Receipt from production, issue for production
  • Pick and Pack

During the receipt, issue, and transfer of goods, SAP Business One 9.0 lets you automate the process of allocating goods from and to bin locations. You also can perform the allocation manually.

Inventory in Bin Locations

To better manage the inventory in your bin locations, SAP Business One 9.0 enables you to do the following:

  • View the information of stored items, such as the item quantity, and number of items
  • Restrict the storage of your bin locations, for example, to a particular batch, item, or item group
  • Restrict the use of your bin locations, for example, to receiving or issuing goods only
  • Replenish the inventory in your bin locations if the inventory level falls below the minimum

Bin Location Management

To facilitate the management of bin locations, SAP Business One 9.0 supports the generation, update, and deletion of bin locations in batches.

Serials and Batches

SAP Business One 9.0 lets you maintain serials and batches in your bin locations. When you issue serials and batches from bin locations, you can decide whether you want to pick the items according to their bin locations, or their serial and batch information.

In addition, you can now view the bin location information in the serial and batch transactions reports.

Receiving Bin Locations

SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to designate certain bin locations as receiving bin locations. When you receive goods, these goods can first be automatically placed in receiving bin locations.


You can get an overview of all bin locations, and check the inventory statuses and movements in bin locations using the following reports:

  • Bin Location List
  • Bin Location Content Lis
  • Inventory Posting List