Join Kristin Berch as she reviews the process for inventory cycle counting in #SAPBusinessOne.
Set up Cycle Counting
  In Administration, perform the setup required to begin cycle counting
Review Count Alerts & Run Recommendations
  There are two ways to generate lists of items to count.  You can set up Alerts to notify users through their alerts window.  Or you can create cycle count recommendations.
Conduct Counts Using Screen, Sheets or Excel
  There are three ways to provide the people doing the counting with lists of what to count. 
      User enter counts directly to the Inventory counting screen
      Print off count sheets with or without current on hand values for counters to manually record quantities
      Export a count sheet to Excel spreadsheet, and reimport the spreadsheet with the counted quantities back to SAP
 Complete Inventory Posting
  The inventory posting updates the inventory quantity and makes the appropriate financial adjustment

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