April, 2018

SAP Business One 9.3, both on SAP HANA and MS SQL databases, has exited the SAP Early Adopter Care program and is available now.

Highlights of 9.3 are available from the PDF and video links below. 

Top enhancements of Projects module: 

  • Timesheets can now be coded to a financial project, project or subproject.
  • A new billing document generation wizard allows users to recharge costs or bill a project (create AR documents)
  • Gantt charts can be generated for projects/subprojects
  • Highlights video of project module changes:  https://youtu.be/ZAY22sZ2ZY4
In the Production module, routing stages can be defined and added to Production orders and bills of material.  A newly expanded Pick Pack & Production manager is a tool to plan, execute and manage route based production.
9.3 also features a newly created CRM module, where all functions related to CRM now available.
View the Playlist of other new 9.3 functions:
Download the highlights PDF: