The complete SAP Business One solution includes a maintenance contract, which is in essence an insurance policy for your technology investment. Annual maintenance is 18% of your total license purchase, and it is billed annually in December.

By purchasing annual maintenance, you ensure access to:

Up-to-date technology

  • Don’t let old technology out-date your system
  • Get SAP updates for new windows server, SQL, Microsoft Office and Windows releases

New capabilities to fit more needs

  • SAP constantly improves and introduces new capabilities per the product roadmap
  • Automate more of your business

Legal changes and compliancy

  • SAP spends significant effort in detecting legal changes as soon as possible
  • Produces how to guides or adjusts the software in case of legal changes
  • Improves statutory reports

Reactive & proactive problem resolution

  • Access to customer portal
  • Software patches
  • Problem escalation to SAP support
Maintenance and new releases of SAP Business One

SAP puts out major releases about every year and 1/2. Every release family is supported by overall maintenance period of 5 years.  Once SAP releases a new major release, the maintenance on the preceding release is discontinued, and you go into transitional maintenance.  No patches, corrections or new functionality will be provided in older releases.  You have to upgrade to the next/latest release in mainstream maintenance.