This article explains how to create vendor payments with Corporate Credit Card against A/P invoices.  Journal entries are part of the illustration.

If one does not exist, create a G/L Liability Account (Credit Card Payable)

There are 2 options in applying the payment; one is before the A/P invoice is added and the other is through the outgoing payments window.  Payment will be applied before the invoice is added for POS and internet purchases.  Payment will be made through the outgoing payments window for invoices with extended payment terms (e.g. net 30).  These payments will be crediting the Corporate Credit Card Payable instead of Cash.

Online or POS purchases – payment is made before the A/P invoice is added. From the A/P invoice screen:

Click on the Payment Means button

Select Credit Card Tab

**Very important** Enter the G/L Account - Credit Card Payable Account.

Add the A/P Invoice

Purchases that are paid after the invoice is received (e.g. Net 30)

Open the Outgoing Payments Window and select the vendor and invoices being paid with the credit card.

Click on the Payment Means button

Select Credit Card Tab

**Very important** Enter the G/L Account to the Credit Card Payable Account.

When the Credit Card statement arrives, all of the charges that were applied to A/P invoices will get coded as a debit to Credit Card Payable.  The sum of those items should total the balance in the Credit Card Payable account.

If there are other charges that did not already have an A/P invoice, those charges could go through the above process or simply be coded directly to the appropriate Expense Account or inventory item. 

Once the Credit Card Statement is entered, the G/L liability account should reconcile to 0 unless there is a timing issue and charges for the next payment cycle have already hit.  If there are aged items in this account they need to be resolved.