In SAP Business One version 8.81 Data Archiving is now available. The Data Archive wizard:
  • Removes chained transactional data related to closed financial periods from the productive database
  • Simulates the run prior to execution with estimation of database size reduction
  • Creates a copy of the current database to have access to historical data


  • Improved utilization of productive database
  • Leaner and faster system performance
  • Lowered TCO:  For faster and smaller backups; faster upgrades and lower maintenance effort

Who Should Archive: Companies that have worked with SAP Business One for a few years may have a large company database. This makes navigation between documents, journal entries, and other records more difficult, slows down the generation of reports, and requires more resources for regular maintenance activities (larger backup files require more space, upgrade process takes more time and requires more free space as well).

Is the size of my backup file an indicator of it being "time" to archive? No, system performance is a better indicator of whether or not to archive.  When system reports seem to be taking longer, and system performance may be slowing down then that would be some symptoms of a large database that could benefit from archiving.

What to Archive: Archive data more than 2 years old. One caveat to that rule is: if you don't have a lot of transactional data and you feel your system is still performing well you may not need to archive and may consider that you would prefer to have the history more readily available.

When you're ready to archive... View the full set of Instructions in this PDF on How to Prepare for and Perform Data Archiving in SAP Business One.